The future of marketing belongs to hybrids: tech-savvy marketing professionals who understand the fragmented, chaotic, and unpredictable SaaS brands' challenges.

O Me! O SaaS!

If you thought marketing was developing fast — you were right. The past ten years have been a total whirlwind. But it's nowhere near done yet. In fact, marketing is now more than ever driven by technology and revolves heavily around data.

Being a hybrid SaaS Marketer has been essential to navigate the industry's fragmented, chaotic, and unpredictable challenges. My key takeaway is how important it is for SaaS brands to find meaning, coherence, and shape.

Most hybrid professionals have a rather messy career background — and I'm not and exception. From a very young age, I built countless websites, wrote numerous business plans, studied arts, became a self-taught designer, launched a startup, and even had time to live in 3 different countries.

As a result, this high variance in experience and skills has enabled me to bring fresh and imaginative ideas to an organization and reveal insights from different perspectives. Today, I am proud to help SaaS companies find their voice and scale internationally through ethical, creative, and straightforward marketing initiatives.

I help SaaS companies find their voice, and scale internationally.

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Why SaaS Marketing?

I grew up surrounded by art in Barcelona — the city of Gaudí, Miró, and Tàpies — geniuses that inspired me abstraction, creativity, and passion for detail.

It's hard to imagine, but there used to be a time when technology wasn't to everyone's reach. Back in the '90s, I got an old iMac G3, and that was completely a game-changer. I quickly learned how to build websites, blogging, design, and even optimizing SEO.

Fast-forward to today, this high variance in experience and skills has helped me understand the present and future of marketing, and how harnessing technology can help companies connect people and orchestrate customer experiences across the whole organization.

Zack has a keen understanding of establishing the key elements for his digital outreach, to drive awareness and establish Siteimprove in the Spanish & Portuguese market.

Rie Lindgren

Marketing Manager

He's a natural leader who understands the business environment and knows how to integrate people in a team. His main values are flexibility, discipline, and empathy.

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Business Developer