Barcelonian Full-Stack Marketer specialised in SaaS.

Currently Senior Marketing Manager at Siteimprove
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark
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Hailing from the city of Gaudí, Miró, and Tàpies (Barcelona), I'm a full-stack marketer, design-enthusiast and proud geek. For nearly a decade, I have helped SaaS companies thrive internationally by executing dynamic marketing strategies while managing, building and scaling multidisciplinary marketing teams. 

Being a hybrid of technologist and marketer, I have the inspiration and knowledge to understand how to elevate demand generation and top-line sustainable growth for software companies. Additionally, I'm a devoted SEO evangelist, and I have helped several brands grow significantly in terms of improved web traffic, online visibility, and high-end business revenues.

zack alami.

I help SaaS companies find their voice, grow the ARR monster and scale internationally.

Zack has a keen understanding of establishing the key elements for his digital outreach, to drive awareness and establish Siteimprove in the Spanish & Portuguese market.

Rie Lindgren

Marketing Manager


Truth be told, I'm passionate about people. Therefore, I'm committed to giving voice and visibility to technologies that make people's lives easier, encourage accessibility, and democratize sustainability. 

I challenge the status quo of SaaS companies by redefining their operational processes using a cohesive and sustainable growth strategy that includes people, processes and products worldwide. 

It just so happens that I'm a passionate marketer, and I believe that SaaS marketing is not for the faint of heart. It changes exceedingly fast and requires enough flexibility to weave between disciplines and harness the strengths of all of them.

Zack is a natural leader who understands the business environment and knows how to integrate people in a team. Some of his main values are flexibility, discipline, and empathy.

Nil Daunis

Business Developer


Over a decade of hands-on experience, self-taught development, curiosity and passion have yielded a diverse skillset that touches on most marketing specialties.


Build meaningful relationships with the right people, wherever they are.

  • Brand Development & Advertising
  • Search Marketing: SEO & SEM
  • Web Design & Content Strategy


Provide insights and solutions that align with people's roadblocks and goals.

  • Copywriting (Ad, Web, & Product)
  • Email Marketing, Design & Dev
  • Event Planning & Execution


Empower people to reach their goals and become promoters of your company.

  • Lead Nurturing & Automation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Data Analytics & Reporting


Transform the typical dull slideshow into a theatrical and enjoyable event.

  • Speaking
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting


Take a deeper dive into my recent marketing projects, including storytelling, web design, product marketing, and project management.

Under construction.

I have been working with Zack for more than two years and I found no one as capable as him of understanding, organizing, and executing top-notch solutions for modern business challenges.

Roc Nanot

Marketing Manager

MarTech Stack,

Marketing has become a technology-powered discipline, which is why I have infused different tools in my daily operations, not just connecting those dots between the brand and prospects or customers, but also between the two departments. My MarTech Tools Stack is composed of: Hubspot, Salesforce, Falcon, Hootsuite, Ahrefs, SemRush, Sistrix, Siteimprove, Mixpanel, Teamwork, among others.

ARR Monster

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Get to know my last insights about SaaS Marketing, international growth and business development.